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    Question read() readAll() method of QBluetoothSocket may lose incoming data. Use readData()

    I have reported this issue on https://bugreports.qt-project.org/. The key of the issue is QTSDK-1263.

    I have written a program which uses QBluetoothUuid::SerialPort to transfer data with another bluetooth device. When I use the method read() or readAll() of QBluetoothSocket to read incoming data, I find some data is lost. And it happens obviously. The code is like this:

    socket = new QBluetoothSocket(QBluetoothSocket::RfcommSocket);
    connect(socket, SIGNAL(readyRead()), this, SLOT(readSocket()));
    void BluetoothConnectService::readSocket()
    if (!socket)
    QByteArray data;
    while (socket->bytesAvailable())

    { data += socket->readAll(); }
    emit messageReceived(socket->peerName(),
    QString::fromAscii(data.constData(), data.length()));

    And I also have tried QBluetoothSocket::read(), QBluetoothSocket::atEnd(), but some of the data can still be lost.
    Then I wrote a new class which inherits QBluetoothSocket. It implements a public method readData() which actually uses the protected method readData() of QBluetoothSocket or QIODevice. Only this time it can read all the data and I find no data lost. The code is like this:

    class MyBluetoothSocket : public QBluetoothSocket
    { Q_OBJECT public: explicit MyBluetoothSocket(QObject *parent = 0); MyBluetoothSocket(SocketType socketType, QObject * parent = 0); qint64 readData(char * data, qint64 maxSize = 1024); signals: public slots: };
    qint64 MyBluetoothSocket::readData(char * data, qint64 maxSize)

    { return QBluetoothSocket::readData(data, maxSize); }
    void BluetoothConnectService::readSocket()

    { if (!socket) return; char data[512]; quint64 size; size = socket->readData(data); emit messageReceived(socket->peerName(), QString::fromAscii((data), size)); }

    This problem brings me some troubles when I debug a program using bluetooth serialport, and I have spent half a day to solve this problem. So I think it is a bug.

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    Re: read() readAll() method of QBluetoothSocket may lose incoming data. Use readData(

    Thanks for sharing!

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