as previously noticed, using DrawString to an offscreen
buffer only paints the text back, the paint color is ignored.
This definitively needs to be fixed and so does this one.

When using DrawString to an offscreen buffer, the
clipping rectangle is completely ignored !!!!! That's right
folks, try it for yourself. Another must fix for Nokia.

I don't have acccess yet to a real device to test on, but from
previous comments on DrawString and Color, I would assume
this bug also affect real devices, which leads me to ask.....

With so much emphasis on certifying end user J2ME apps,
whatever happened to first verifying the J2ME implementations
against a comprehensive test suite !!!!! I am sorry to be the
one venting out here, but J2ME MIDP 1.0 has been out for a
while and it is a shame for Nokia to have such infantile bugs
still on released software.