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    SVG - Unable to specify a unicode font


    We are trying to localise a S40 java app that displays text within SVG images. However, Arabic characters (for example) do not display properly in the emulator/phone default SVG font - presumably because this is not unicode. Our attempts to specify an alternative 'font-family' for the SVG text have failed and the display always remains the same.

    Note that our localised text (UTF-8 encoded) appears correctly outside of the SVG image (prompts, help screens, forms etc) and that this problem still occurs when Arabic is chosen as the phone language.

    If possible we want to avoid developing our own unicode font and having to include this in every app. Please, does anyone know how we can specify a unicode font (even the operating system font) for use in SVG images?

    Many thanks.

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    Re: SVG - Unable to specify a unicode font

    Hello Centrepoint,

    do you mean that no Arabic characters can be shown at all in SVG, or is the issue with some characters only?

    Related topic have been covered here:



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    Re: SVG - Unable to specify a unicode font

    Thx r2j7

    No arabic characters, or any other non-ascii characters, can be shown at all - they all appear as rectangles.

    The topics you referred to relate to the display of text directly on the canvas but I don't have a problem with that at all. A unicode font is certainly present in the device.

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    Re: SVG - Unable to specify a unicode font

    FYI if we display the same SVG image in IE9 the unicode characters are shown correctly.

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