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    Question Custom control in form

    Hi everybody!
    I have one problem. I would like to add custom control to the form. But each line of form (CAknForm) wraps defined controls properly - lines with sliders have one sizes, lines with popup fields have another sizes. But line with my custom control is always with the same size. And my control is visible only partially. How can I change the line size?
    I tried to extend base controls available to forms, but it didn't help. Also, method MinimumSize() in custom control didn't help me.
    Hope on your help. Thanks.

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    Re: Custom control in form


    Forms are special types of dialogs. The item layout and functionality can differ between the two states. In the view state, the fields are not editable. It looks and acts like a listbox. In other world as in Dialog the control itself responsible to take care of its (minimal) size.

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