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    [Moved] Memory problem

    Hello All,
    After installing my application on my device...
    It is working fine but after several operations,
    it will crash or either display message image didnt loaded.
    I think it is a memory problem.
    How can i overcome from this.
    Kindly tell me.
    Thank you.

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    Re: Memory problem


    You can debug your application for memory leaks using hooklogger or other options mentioned here

    Also prior to that check where is the application crashing after long usage using some ondevice debugging

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    Re: Memory problem

    For any crash you should get the panic code: http://www.developer.nokia.com/Commu...ded_panic_code secondly you should try figuring out the line of code that caused the crash.

    if you check the Y-Task from the link, you could use the Trace part of it to see how the RAM memory in general is getting used, so if you see steady increase while running your application, then you are likely having memory leak in it.

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    Re: [Moved] Memory problem

    Also look into your code that you are freeing the resources/object deletion, once the image is loaded(are you using image encoder/decoder API's?, if yes then do remember to delete the objects carefully before loading the next image)

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