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    Box2d QML Plugin

    Hi everybody..

    Can some one please send me the link to download box2d qml plugin?
    I can't find it at http://gitorious.org/qml-box2d

    please send me at malikontop@yahoo.com, if you can or provide a link.

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    Re: Box2d QML Plugin


    Go to the below link

    and click on the Download master as tar.gz

    This will give you the sources.

    This is nothing but in the link that you have given, http://gitorious.org/qml-box2d open sourcetree and you can see this.

    Let me know if you have any issues

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    Re: Box2d QML Plugin

    Thanks kusumk for helping me yet another time..
    Now I need a little more help.
    Please guide me how to make use of the plugin. i.e. how to compile the code and install the libraries.
    I have the master.gz file. Now what to do?
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