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    QSystemBatteryInfo::remainingCapacityPercentChanged signal isn't working

    bi = new QSystemBatteryInfo(this);
    void test_app::updateStatus(int newValue)
        qDebug() << QString("remainingCapacityPercentChanged %1").arg(newValue);
    In result log is empty, but if I'm trying to check bi->remainingCapacityPercent() manually I saw that value changing time after time. But log is empty and updateStatus() never was called.

    Also the SDK help says that there is a signal named QSystemBatteryInfo::remainingCapacityChanged() but when I'm trying to connect to it I've receive a message
    [Qt Message] Object::connect: No such signal QSystemBatteryInfoPrivate::remainingCapacityChanged(int)
    Belle FP1, Qt 4.7.4, QtMobility 1.2

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    Re: QSystemBatteryInfo::remainingCapacityPercentChanged signal isn't working


    There are some changes. Please check this link for the signals available and removed and other version compatibility issues

    You can check 'Changes in Qt Mobility’s QML bindings' in that.

    EDIT: signal seems to be present.
    Can you check this thread, where similar issue is reported. Workaround also given for now - to add WriteDeviceData cap,
    If this helps you by any chance.
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    Re: QSystemBatteryInfo::remainingCapacityPercentChanged signal isn't working

    Thanks for answer. I've read that article and that thread before posting question.
    Could you tell me where in article says exactly about remainingCapacityPercentChanged() signal?
    Also my project doesn't contains any QML code, so bindings doesn't relevant for my problem.

    My project already have WriteDeviceData capability, but it doesn't help.

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