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Thread: Visual C++ SMS

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    Visual C++ SMS

    anybody here who can help me send and sms with my phone (connected to pc via usb/com or bluetooth) with a visual c++ app??
    i have already tried some "general" solutions such as ozeki but i havent found anything working yet (it has to be free, im not going to pay for it)
    the api provided by nokia doesnt include any examples which work in visual studio 10 and i cant find any code on the internet which uses the api to send an sms via pc with a phone

    anybody here know how to do this? any help would be appreciated

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    Re: Visual C++ SMS

    For Nokia phones, install Nokia PC Suite on your PC (it has to run Windows), and then search for the Nokia PC Suite API libraries (which you can call from Visual C++). Note: Do not try the "Nokia PC Connectivity SDK v3.0" if you come across it, make sure you use the PC Suite API v3.2 (latest version, and totally different package from the "Connectivity SDK" which was only for Series 40 based phones 5-6 years ago, at least). The PC Suite API is also a few years old and hasn't been updated lately.

    Otherwise, configure your phone to appear as a modem, and investigate "AT commands" (with AT commands you connect to a "virtual" serial port and write AT commands to the port to send SMS, and then read the response of the cellular modem).

    The site search will be of help to you to find the relevant things (as this kind of thing is discussed several times a year here).

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    Re: Visual C++ SMS

    i have tried that but the api is outdated and doesnt come with any examples which you can use in visual studio 10 (it just doesnt work and displays error during opening and 'conversion')
    if you know a good tutorial about the api in visual c++ 2010, or some great examples in visual c++ 2010 then plz let me know

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