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    Can't receive response from servlet

    I'm connecting to Servlet via HTTP from my J2ME application. On 3650 emulator works really good but is a problem when I'm testing application on 7650 phone. Finally servlet get the request, after I changed the port from 8080 to 9201 and I use threads for connections. The problem is that the MIDlet does't get the respone. On emulator works really good.
    Can someone tell me where is the problem? Thanks

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    Problem having HTTP work in Series 60 emulator


    I need your help badly. I can not have my HTTP request work in a Series 60 emulator, although it works in 6310i emulator. I tried the null modem cable and mRouterLite, but still I don't seem to receive anything on my incoming COM. What connection do you use on the emulator? Direct HTTP or RAS? How to configure them? Thank you very much!

    I look forward to your advice!!


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