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    Regarding active object's priority set

    Following lines I have found from this link

    Here we set active object's priority; it is done only once, you cannot change active object's priority then.

    CMyActiveObject::CMyActiveObject(TInt aPriority): CActive(aPriority)

    Does it mean the priority of an active object can not be changed during it's life time after creation? But there is SetPriority() method in CActive class. Thanks
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    Re: Regarding active object's priority set

    Wiki is Wiki. It contains both community knowledge and the lack of it.
    Quote Originally Posted by ub_act.cpp
    EXPORT_C void CActive::SetPriority(TInt aPriority)
    Sets the priority of the active object.
    @param aPriority An integer specifying the new priority of this active object.
                     CActive::TPriority defines a standard set of priorities.
    @panic E32USER-CBase 50 if this function is called while a request
           is outstanding.
    	if (IsAdded())
    		iLink.iNext=NULL; // Make this not added
    Feel free to fix the article if you want.

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    Re: Regarding active object's priority set

    Quote Originally Posted by wizard_hu_ View Post
    Feel free to fix the article if you want.
    Done with the fix

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