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    Question QOrganizer and calendar events on N9

    Hi all. I'm trying to add event to N9 calendar. On log it show that ok go well, but on calendar event doesn't appear.
    I'm using this code:
    QOrganizerEvent event;
    QOrganizerManager m_manager;
    event.setStartDateTime(makeDate(releaseDate));//makeDate() return QDateTime
    qDebug()<<m_manager.saveItem(&event);//returns true
    in log it print this:
    sqlitestorage.cpp: 234 - time of origin is "1970-01-01T00:00:00Z" 0
    sqlitestorage.cpp: 278 - database "/home/developer/.calendar/db" opened
    sqlitestorage.cpp: 2829 - loaded notebook "d4a15852-67cf-4b8f-a7c0-0ca67c1516c3" "defaultNotebook" from database
    sqlitestorage.cpp: 2245 - calendarModified called: true
    sqlitestorage.cpp: 2276 - appending incidence "7a647d62-1625-45d6-8417-d5e357b99cd2" for database insert
    sqlitestorage.cpp: 2126 - inserting incidence "7a647d62-1625-45d6-8417-d5e357b99cd2" notebook "d4a15852-67cf-4b8f-a7c0-0ca67c1516c3"
    true //this is from m_manager.saveItem(&event)
    sqlitestorage.cpp: 3117 - Database modified

    I test it on N9 with PR1.2
    Does anyone known what is the problem, why my event don't added to calendar?

    PS: on Symbian this code works fine.
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    Re: QOrganizer and calendar events on N9

    Try downloading the example given here : http://www.developer.nokia.com/Commu...QOrganizer_API, run it & install it on N9 & see if that works fine or not, though what you have done & what is on the link is same.

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    Re: QOrganizer and calendar events on N9

    Thank you for answer.
    No, it doesn't work.
    I also modified aegis, add <credential name="GRP::calendar" /> and <credential name="GRP::metadata-users" />, and it is still not working.

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    Re: QOrganizer and calendar events on N9

    After restarting phone, it works. But need about 15 seconds to update calendar.
    Problem solved!

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