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    Reg: IAA(In app analytics)

    Hello everyone,
    I am trying to use the IAA(In app analytics) for tracking my application. Is it possible in Qt to add in app analytics in Qt project, If so how to make it with my application thanks for any replies.


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    Re: Reg: IAA(In app analytics)

    hi i tried with this below link for In app analytics


    but i couldn't download any of the source and files !!!!!!!!!! can i know wat should i do for it can anyone provice the perfect source and wiki link for working with In App analytics ??? thanks for any replies.

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    Re: Reg: IAA(In app analytics)

    Hello anyone could say me is it possible to port In App analytics in symbian ????

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    Re: Reg: IAA(In app analytics)

    As you can read at https://nokia.motally.com/ the Analytics project is no longer available for new registrations. It is currently being integrated with Nokia Publish but once that work is done and a public beta testing will start for the system, you will be able to download the analytics API and use it for Qt applications on Symbian and Harmattan.
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    Re: Reg: IAA(In app analytics)

    What is the status on the project?
    https://nokia.motally.com/ - Server not found
    https://projects.developer.nokia.com/inappanalytics - Environment not found

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