Can please someone explain what is the main idea behind MainPage{} element in QML code for MeeGo device and how all this pages stuff works? I read all docs 100s of times and still cannot grasp the idea.

When creating blank application for MeeGo two files are created: main.qml and MainPage.qml.
I can understand that main application window is described in main.qml by PageStackWindow{} element and it has some elements descriptions common for all pages, for example ToolBarLayout{}.

1) But what is the need of MainPage.qml file? It describes Page{} element, but I cannot understand how and when this page is loaded. How application knows that this page "mainPage" (for Symbian) or "page1" (for Harmattan) is the first page to load? And why "initialPage:" property of PageStackWindow{} points to MainPage{} which describes nothing and not to "mainPage" or "page1" which describes actual page?

2) And why in MainPage.qml file Page{} element "page1" in "tools:" property can see "commonTools" object which is described in main.qml file, but there is no backwards access from elements in main.qml file to "page1" element?

These two questions make me stuck in understanding of Qt Quick workflow...