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    About Windows Phone Development Resource


    I am a Nokia developer and fans.
    I always go to Develop/Windows Phone - Documentation, and there is a list of many resources.
    But all of the items are the redirection of msdn or other non-Nokia links.
    To be honest, I do not like that.
    I hope there are many resources from Nokia herself just like the Symbian/Qt resources.

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    Re: About Windows Phone Development Resource

    I would think that in general it is good to have best resources, and since Nokia has not been working with WP too long, it is quite reasonable to have most resoruces made by the OS maker.

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    Re: About Windows Phone Development Resource


    While it would be convenient for this site to have everything to do with Nokia platform development, it does not make sense for ND to duplicate the great resources on MSDN and divide the developer community.

    Instead we provide great links into the best of MSDN resources and concentrate on providing resources in those areas which MSDN is weaker. For example, we create and encourage resources for porting between Windows Phone and other Nokia platforms (e.g. Qt), working with Nokia specific hardware, services or APIs, and Best practices/optimisation documentation. That's not to say that we don't want good Windows Phone specific articles, but we're interested in great original content, not poorly done copies of existing material on MSDN.

    I've put a tip to this effect on the community area category for Windows Phone.


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    Re: About Windows Phone Development Resource

    Hi, Hamish

    Thanks a lot for the explanations.
    It's ok and resonable to get the redirection but anyway more Nokia specific resources are highly appreciated as the tip you put.


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