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    Question Global query and usage of vibration

    Hi all,

    Maybe someone can tell me if the usage of CAknGlobalMsgQuery (global message query) is compatible with the usage of vibration (CHWRMVibra)

    What I am trying to achieve is the following:

    - application runs in the background; it generates a message I want to be notified for;
    - application shows the message with CAknGlobalMsgQuery;
    - application makes the phone (Nokia 700 with Belle) vibrates until I acknowledge the message by hiting the OK button;
    - application makes the keys blink;

    Currently, I've tried to put the vibration logic in another thread; I have also tried to use a timer; but the device won't vibrate.

    I'm successful when I make it vibrate briefly just before showing the global query. And usage to CHWRMLight is no problem. The keys blink until I close the global query. It's the vibra which I find difficult.


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    Re: Global query and usage of vibration

    Could indeed be that since the global note is causing your application to lose focus, the vibra will be efeccted, thus, you should nto use Global notes, but instead you the ones which are shown inside your application window, i.e. the ones not having word Global in them.

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    Re: Global query and usage of vibration

    Thx for your reply symbianyucca.

    The vibra works if I launch it for a short period and before showing the global query, and even if the application is in foreground or background. Does the focus explanation you mentioned still valid in this case ?

    I chose global query because I might be using the home screens or any other apps and do not want to miss notifications from the background app.

    Thx for your help

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