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    IS there a Fast way to Make an image filter in PyS60?

    Hello everyone, I have some coding experience in Python but I'm new at PyS60.

    Now, I'm on a project as they are a Good way to learn new things dynamically.

    My target is to make an invert color filter,

    What I've done is
    from graphics import  *
    import e32
    s=raw_input("Enter Image Location \n=")
    img=Image.new(im.size, "L")  #my need is to make it B&W then invert
    print "F.jpg has been generated"
    def invertclr(img2):
        width, height= img2.size
        img3=Image.new(img2.size, "L")
        for y in range(height):
           for x in range(width):
            img3.point((x,y), (255-r, 255-r, 255-r))
    print "E:\\F2.png has been generated"
    The colors are Successfully getting inverted,
    But it takes Long times to do it
    Inventing An Image of 477x535 needed 41 seconds

    But I have an feeling that it can be done in 1 or 2 seconds,

    Actually, when I Make an B&W image an Invert its colors, and if this image is used as a mask. It creates a pretty good image filter.

    Any kind of help will be appreciated.

    EDIT: removing the e32.ao_yield inside the loop (now commented) reduced the time by 11 seconds, but its still not quite enough.

    will it run fast inside a class or a compiled script??
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