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    Bad certificate when using wildcard SSL cert


    I've having trouble establishing an HTTPS connection to a website with a wildcard cert (*.example.com). Checking the SSL exchange, the phone returns BAD Certificate to the server, even though the certificate is properly signed and the root cert is on the phone.

    I am not having this issue with non-wildcard certs.

    Is this a know issue with S40 phones? If so is there a workaround for the issue.



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    Re: Bad certificate when using wildcard SSL cert

    Wildcards should not be a problem, at least I do not remember. Are you sure you included the correct intermediate certificates, in the correct order so the chain builds up correctly? Series 40 is very, very picky about this, especially if the order is not right or in wrong direction.

    Additionally: It is not a *.subdomain.example.com or?

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    Re: Bad certificate when using wildcard SSL cert

    Hi traud, thanks for the response. Actually upon investigating further it turns out our DNS server where redirecting to a the site with a self-signed cert (which was not on the phone). So now we have corrected it and the phone works even with wildcard certs.

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