I'm still rather new to programming aside from the ancient GWBASICS... however, the best way I've learned to structure my own unique games was mostly from extremely simplifing pyWuzzler which has many of the key functions -- animating image transparency, XY tilt, sound effects, ball collisions, has an algorithm to slow the ball movement and gravity to send the ball back to the player section, keep the background light on while playing, ends the game after the set amount of time, records the high score into an encrypted db, and whatever else there is. The original version would not work on my 5230, so an affiliate took a little bit of his spare time to make several changes that got it executing properly.

Just for now, perhaps we can have a similar gaming code structure with every kind of basic function where even in the Options will readily show "Start Game", "Sound Off/On", "Settings", "About"... editing can be easy as drawing boundary lines, boxes or ellipses... each section in the recommended order of flow.

Hopefully enough to rather quickly layout multiplayer 3D tunnel racing games