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    Re: Maybe We Should Have A Pys60 Game Engine

    Quote Originally Posted by Weave View Post
    If you want as much coverage as possible then HTML5 / JavaScript is probably a good bet. The HTML5 canvas is good for games, animations and touch UIs and it uses hardware acceleration where possible. There are a number of great libraries for use with the canvas, here are just a few:

    Apache Cordova is a runtime that allows your HTML5 based application to access device capabilities that are not available to web apps just running in the browser. Cordova is available for Android iOS, Tizen and Windows Phone.

    JavaScript offers you more than just apps for mobiles though, with Qooxdoo you can create desktop calibre user interfaces and you can pair those with a NodeJS back end to make powerful client / server business applications that require no client side install beyond a quality browser.
    Woohoohoohoohooooooooo !!! I very much thank you Weave for that information which seems to provide all the key answers I've been searching for.

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    Re: Maybe We Should Have A Pys60 Game Engine

    *** deleted my question ***
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