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    What is the reason for getting panic WSERV 59?

    Recently I have got WSERV 59 panic in my application. As documented, reason for getting WSERV 59 panic is:

    " A client attempted to use a RDirectScreenAccess object's member functions in the wrong order"

    My question is what are the functions of RDirectScreenAccess, mentioned in panic documentation? How client should use those methods in right order?


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    Re: What is the reason for getting panic WSERV 59?

    I think the right way to get this thing solved, would be to find the code part which is giving this panic, and then see what should be changed on it.

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    Re: What is the reason for getting panic WSERV 59?

    Such Panic raised related to a new Request before the previous completed or calling Abort when nothing has completed or currently running. In Debug mode Cancel during the initialization phase.
    Panic is more related to the internal State changes instead of one explicit function call.

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