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    Qt Creator stability issues

    I am using the lates Qt SDK (1.2.1) with Qt Creator 2.4.1 on Windows 7 x64. Qt Creator constantly crashes: CODA is not running on phone -> Qt Creator crashes, starting to use autocomplete -> Qt Creator crashes at sometimes, checking some compile error -> Qt Creator crashes sometimes, going to method definition -> Qt Creator crashes sometimes.

    Qt Creator crashes ("Qt Creator stopped working") about 5 times/hour, which is annoying. I also experiences crashes on older version, especially because of CODA, but I think not that often. So it Qt Creator written that badly or are there some issues related to my environment/?

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    Re: Qt Creator stability issues


    There are some issues reported in jira, you can post your crashes info too at bugreports.qt-project.org for further investigation

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    Re: Qt Creator stability issues

    I don't have clear information about crashes (I mean I cannot set up a test case when it always crashes), but it seems to me that auto-complete has very big stability issues and also communication/connection to CODA, since a lot of times it crashed because I tried to deploy on a phone where CODA was not started or just after changing build profile from 5th edition to Symbian^3.

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