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    [moved] Why some of JavaScript's statements don't work in Qt?

    I tried to use setInterval(); and setTimeout(); in a JavaScript file that I imported in my project, but the don't work! Why? What kind of JavaScript's statement do work in Qt?

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    Re: [moved] Why some of JavaScript's statements don't work in Qt?


    mostly it works, i am not sure if there is any such documented list that works or that doesnt work. anyone who have an idea on that can post it here.

    btw, for your issue, there is some discussion already here, pasted some below

    Technically setTimeout is a member of the window object (you should
    write window.setTimeout, but the window object is implicit)

    That's why setTimeout doesn't work in QML. There is no windows object.
    Same thing for alert(), for example.

    Not that this helps solving your problem, but at least I hope it helps
    you understand why you can't do some things in QML as you do in JS

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