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    IAP enabled app copy protection

    I wonder how good is the copy protection for IAP enabled apps?

    What are the chances that "paid" version of app appears on warez servers soon after publication?

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    Re: IAP enabled app copy protection

    We have had content with IAP available for few months now. It is quite popular, thousands of downloads per day - and hasn't been cracked yet. All the copies you can download are just the free "lite" version. So I really recommend using IAP.

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    Re: IAP enabled app copy protection


    In IAP enabled application there is no difference between free and paid versions. IAP enabled app itself is not copy protected. Even more, free application distribution helps to attract more users. If application bundles items to sell in one installation package these items must be Nokia DRM encrypted. To do so application installation package directory structure must follow Nokia-DRM protected model and Nokia Store will encrypt products when you publish your application. Encrypted files cannot be decrypted without license and thus totally useless if someone maliciously extracts them from application installation package. DRM license is delivered on device when user buys a product. The whole secure mechanism is totally transparent to application developer.

    If your question about "paid" version of app in general. As i understand it application is protected by Nokia Store itself only --- as soon the application appears on device -- it can be extracted and distributed without big trouble for thief.

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