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    how to display qml alert

    hi sir
    please let me know how can i show an alert in qml. is it rectangle ,item or qml have any alert componant. if i should display a rectangle as an alert then how can i disable back screen (screen on wich alert is display ) .

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    Re: how to display qml alert


    check this, and you can play with the opacity a bit, if you want to use your own created alert. or you can use dialog element from qt components

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    Re: how to display qml alert

    First you have to post it in appropriate place. QtQuick right place to post qml related question.

    You can use qml-querydialog.
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    Re: how to display qml alert

    You can find wiki article on Dialog in Qt Quick category.

    my one article on various Dialog. (note: below article is made with Meego Component but most of all component are available in Symbian. )
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