Hi, I would have two problems when I'm using the Qt IAP API. My device is Nokia N8 and I have installed the latest IAP (3.23.007) API and the simulator to the device and am using the same version of SDK when building too. I use the Nokia Remote Compiler to build by sisx.

1. When my application calls getProductData, the API returns a positive return value which indicates that the IAP client is properly initialized, but productDataReceived slot does never get called (not positive result or negative, it just does not get called).

Ovi Store statistics say that I have one IAP item published and I am using the correct productId when calling this API. Would you have any ideas as to why productDataReceived API does not get called in my Qt application? Is there any way to debug this? Does the IAP client write a log anywhere?

2. Simulating IAP purchase in the device works: the IAP simulator launches and after finishing the "purchase" using the simulator, my application gets a call to purchaseFlowFinished slot. However when I try to use a test server (using [testserver] in TEST_MODE.txt), I get an error message in the IAP screen: "Unable to connect to the payment service. When the connection is restored, please return to the store to check the status of your item.". I have tried this during many days over last week and I always get the same message.

My development is blocked as I can not test using the test server.

My device is not connected to cellular network, but I have WIFI available if the device wants to use it. For example, the Ovi Store application and the browser etc. work fine in my device. Does the IAP API require that the device has a SIM card, by any chance?

Could you please give me ideas how to fix the situation and how I could get more info / logs from the IAP client so that I could debug why 1. and 2. do not work.

Thanks a lot! Your help will be appreciated.