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    Writing to a File

    sir, i want to create and write data in to a file and for this i use this code...but the file is still not creating...
    can u please tell me in which .cpp file i have to write this code and how to call the write2fileL( ) so that my program get executed successfully...
    as i am a beginner so i dont know much...

    static void Write2FileL(const TDesC& aFile,TDesC8& aData)
    RFs fs;
    RFile file;

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    Re: problem writing in a file

    You can call it from anywhere within the cpp file.Just define it at the top of cpp & call it with mentioned parameters.

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    Re: problem writing in a file

    Make sure that you call this method with a fully specified filename. Like
    Write2File(KFileName, <some data>);

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    Re: Writing to a File

    It's worth pointing out that functions like fs.Connect() and file.Replace() return error codes as integers which this code is ignoring. If you look at these error codes it will give you much more information about what and where it's going wrong. Values can be found in the online documentation by searching for "e32err.h" (http://library.developer.nokia.com/i...90DC89B7E.html)

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