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    Testing simple application on device with CODA fails


    I'm new to QT development for symbian. I wrote an example application with only a text input field and a button, no logic at all. It works in the simulator, means it shows the two GUI elements.

    Now I try to get it working on my Nokia 701. I use Carbide.c++, Nokia Belle SDK v1.0. I've installed the remote agent (CODA) in version 4.0.23. The connection in the Remote connections view is ok.
    But when I start debugging an error comes up:

    "One or more files failed to download (see Error Log for details).

    Files: begruessung_reg.rsc, begruessung.rsc, begruessung.exe

    First error:

    open failed on target path: C:\private\10003a3f\import\apps\begruessung_reg.rsc
    Caused by: TCF command exception:
    Command: FileSystem open
    Exception: The debugger is not allowed to modify files in this area. Please use a *.sisx
    file to install files. (access to a file is denied)
    Error code: -21"

    In SIS Builder in the Build configurations the setting is "self sign sis file". So I assume an sisx file is already used. What do I wrong?

    The second try was to install the sisx file manually.
    I copied the sisx file onto the device and installed it manually. The standard icon is shown for my example application. But after starting it the loading cursor is shown, but nothing opens. After few seconds the loading cursor disapears. Is there a possibility to see what's going wrong?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Testing simple application on device with CODA fails

    for the problem after manual installation, you should get the panic code for the crash: http://www.developer.nokia.com/Commu...ded_panic_code , note that if the error file fails to show anything, do try the crash monitor included in Y-Tasks, ti always gets all process exit codes.

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    Re: Testing simple application on device with CODA fails

    After a necessary reboot (something hanged on the phone) my example application works now. The problem with the CODA debugging is still there, but now I have a way to test on the device at least via manually installing the app.

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    Re: Testing simple application on device with CODA fails

    After a update of Carbide.c++ to version 3.3 it works also with CODA. :-)

    Correction: In a new project a wizard came up after choosing "Debug As" -> "Debug on Device". The created debug configuration was "Debug on Device (Install SIS)" instead of "Debug on Device". This was the solution for me.
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