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    how to import other qml files?

    Hi all,

    I am a newbie to qt,using it little before.Now I have a question of importing other files.
    I have created a directory naming core.In this directory,I have a file naming waterpage.qml
    In the mainpage.qml,i have coded the following codes:
    import "core"




    But when I run the project, Igot the following error:

    Cannot assign to non-existent property "waterpage"

    Why this problem happened?

    Thanks for advice.

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    Re: how to import other qml files?

    First letter if the element should be in caps. check it is the issue? save waterpage.qml as Waterpage.qml
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    Re: how to import other qml files?

    I think this is duplicate post by you.. I have given answer on other post in Qt Quick Category.
    Find it on below link


    Also my request to you, Please do not post on two category.

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    Re: how to import other qml files?

    Thanks to kkrish and chintandave_er,and I will never post on two category.

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