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    How to create MapBalloon Object

    I want to create a balloon (rounded rectangle with anchor ) with text inside that I can show on my map at a specific coordinate.
    First I thought to create MapGroup with MapPolygon and MapText, but I could not find the bounding Rect of MapText - may be it is easier to extend MapText in c++ ?
    I am new to QML, can you advice me what I need to do to have a balloon like marker on the map?

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    Re: How to create MapBalloon Object

    please note that we do have these dedicated sections here for maps questions, so next time if you have map specific question, please ask it in here, this time I moved this from the QtQuick section to here.

    unfortunately AFAIK there are no readymade QML map elements which would fit your requirements, so you would need to consider workarounds.

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    Re: How to create MapBalloon Object

    thanks for moving my thread!

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