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    Questions regarding the simulator


    I have some questions regarding the simulator:

    1. When I preview in the cloud I get the following screen size (176x208), but the screen size of the simulator phone is actually larger, it's 240x320; I'm using window.innerHeight and window.innerWidth to get the sizes
    2. I have a header and some content; if I want to make the header static (there is no position:absolute) I have to set the content to a specific height and add overflow:scroll(but overflow:scroll is not available). How do I fix this ? Does position:fixed work on the actual device ?
    3. The -webkit-transition doesn't seem to work in the cloud preview, is that normal? I'm changing the class from a javascript function (from the proxy server callback)?
    4. I've read that animating elements is blocking (does this also apply to gif animations, or only webkit transitions ?)

    Sorry for asking this many questions; it's because I can't test on an actual device for the moment.

    Best regards,
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    Re: Questions regarding the simulator


    1. Confirmed. Simulator cloud preview reports wrong size for the display. Actual device and local preview reports correct size (240x320). I'll write a bug report, thanks!

    2. Unfortunately, both float and position are unsupported. Same applies to overflow modes other than visible and hidden.

    3. Calling javascript function results into callback, thus transition is not shown. Please use MWL methods to toggle element's class.

    4. Only webkit transitions.

    If you wish you can use Remote Device Access to test Series 40 Web Apps.


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    Re: Questions regarding the simulator


    I have a small doubt.
    I'm just taking the sample "News Reader" and previewing the app with the Local Preview, the app is launched but not able to see the feeds. Just displaying "Loading...". Could any one please let me know the issue for this.

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