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    create homescreen widget for J2ME application


    Is there a way to create a homescreen widget for J2ME application?

    Thank you

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    Re: create homescreen widget for J2ME application

    If you mean widget in J2ME, then widgets can not build in J2ME.
    They are developed using html,css and xml. It is also known as WebApps.

    know more about Widget on below link

    Please find related post on below link
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    Re: create homescreen widget for J2ME application

    Hi Reem Salah! Welcome to Nokia Developer Discussion Boards!!

    If you are mentioning about Series 40 devices its possible to add MIDlet icon to the home screen - I have tried in an X3-02.

    Also I have came across the Manifest attribute : Nokia-MIDlet-Category
    IdleScreen - Identifies a MIDlet that is capable of displaying content on the idle screen.

    PassiveIdleScreen - Identifies a MIDlet that is capable of running as an idle skin application (taking over the whole main zone).

    Search - Identifies a MIDlet that provides search capabilities used by a native idle search application.

    It would work on Series 40 6th Edition and for Manufacturer / operator signed MIDlets (BG MIDlets)

    Ref : http://library.developer.nokia.com/i...E4A538FB8.html

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    Re: create homescreen widget for J2ME application

    Hi Reem Salah,

    Java ME cannot be used to create homescreen widgets. You can create however, WRT (Web Runtime) widgets, as already mentioned.

    If your target device is N97, you can use the Homescreen Publishing API with Symbian C++ and the N97 SDK.
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