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    Difference between .zip and .nth? (creating themes under linux)


    I'd like to create themes for my Nokia C3-00, but I can't use Carbide.UI since I don't have a windows box, only linux, and Carbide.UI doesn't work with wine (stuck in installation with wine 1.5.2).

    What must I do to create a theme from scratch? It seems just renaming a .zip file to .nth doesn't work.

    I have also tried replacing some pictures in a working .nth file with other pictures, some of them are accepted but not others (the phone says that theme file contains invalid elements). What specifications must the picture files follow?


    F. Delente

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    Re: Difference between .zip and .nth? (creating themes under linux)

    Carbide.UI theme tool is supported only for a windows machine with windows running on the core.
    The tool specification does not claim to support any other core or virtual OS. However a .nth file is similar to a zip file recognized only by Nokia S40 devices. The structure is simple, it is a package of .png images with an .xml file mapping the images to respective IDs

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