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    Opening the Maps app for selecting position


    I have an application where user needs to select a position (latitude and longitude). I know there is a Map element in QML but I want to handle this like the Contacts app handles:

    In Contacts app, when user is adding a new contact, he/she can select his/her address by selecting a location on map. But when she clicks on "select a location on map" button the Maps application opens up, instead of showing a custom Map element.

    This has some advantages:

    - The user is familiar with the overall UI of Maps app.
    - Things like flicking, zooming in/out works just as the user expected, whereas when you put Map element you need to re-implement those features. And they won't probably feel just like in the Maps app.
    - The user's favorited places from before usage will be there so he/she doesn't need to re-add them.

    So, how can I make my app to open the Maps app and make the user select the position from there?

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    Re: Opening the Maps app for selecting position

    Sorry I've seen several similar questions on this forum. So, I guess there is no easy way to do this right now.

    You can ignore this question.

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