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    Question Reading tag UID with just QML?

    is it possible to read just the tag UID using QML?

    doesn't seem to say anything about reading the UID, just the NDEF record on the tag. Since I'm not symbian dev, it would be nice to be able to do this with just QML.

    However, if there is some easy solution where I can just copy paste correct symbian code classes and use it from QML I'll take it if you give clear instuctions what to do

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    Re: Reading tag UID with just QML?

    Even with other QML elements in Qt Mobility Connectivity plugin UID does not seems to be a priority to focus on.

    However there is a ready made solution!

    Now how do they do it? Take the ENFCReadUID case from CNFCTagReadingAppUi::HandleCommandL(). These are a bit of Active Objects though such things are easy to mix with Qt.

    The other route could be to use NFC Info and get the relevant part and logic from NfcInfo::analyzeTarget().


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