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    Question J2ME Arabic name in URL Encoding problem...

    J2ME and NetBeans

    I'm talking with php page which tooks the parameters by GET and return the result as xml file which I read in my mobile application to get the result. (something like ajax)

    the problem is that I send in the url some arabic names, like this:

    but when I send it it becomes like
    String url="http://www.xxxxx.com/index.php?name=اسدالقدس";
    url = new String(url.getBytes("utf-8"),"utf-8");
    HttpConnection httpConnection = (HttpConnection) Connector.open(new String());
    KXmlParser parser = new KXmlParser();
    parser.setInput(new InputStreamReader(httpConnection.openInputStream(), "UTF-8"));
    parser.require(XmlPullParser.START_TAG, null, rootTag);
    All my attempts failed...
    the parameter entered in the database like this ????

    any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: J2ME Arabic name in URL Encoding problem...

    Hi LionAlquds and welcome to Nokia's Discussion Boards,

    That is most likely because you are not properly URL Encoding the Arabic text. Your url String contains already your parameter in this form ???????? before you send it over to the server. You need to properly URL Encode (percentage encoding) the Arabic parameter so that your url String looks like this:


    A web based URL Encoder/Decoder can be found here.

    From what I see, the LWUIT library provides the encodeUrl method as part of the com.sun.lwuit.io.util.Util class. You could try that method to encode your string, or implement your own method for URL Encoding.
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