I´m having problems drawing pixels on the Nokia 7650. As I read in another solved question, it´s an emulator issue. So I thought that it would work in the real phone, even if it doesn´t in the emulator. But no .... it didn´t.

Instead of the correct sprites in the file, it draws what it wants. (It gets the pixels from the status bar of the screen)

Can anybody tell me if it´s a problem of my code?
Or if I should use another tool, since I´m using the Concept SDK Beta 0.2.
Which would be the correct way to work with pixels on the 7650 ?
I think the answer will help a lot of people.

This is the code I´m using, which works on other devices:

public class Pantalla extends FullCanvas {
Image imagen;
Image imagen2;
short[] array;

public Pantalla() {
array=new short[17*17];

imagen = Image.createImage("/sprites5.PNG");
imagen2 = DirectUtils.createImage(17, 17, 0x00000000);
Graphics g=imagen2.getGraphics();
DirectGraphics dg=DirectUtils.getDirectGraphics(g);
}catch(Exception e){System.out.println(e.toString());}


protected void paint(Graphics g){
DirectGraphics dg=DirectUtils.getDirectGraphics(g);



Thanks !