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    Question What suits me best? QML, QT, OT Quick, C++???


    i'd like to create an app for my symbian device and like to know what would be the easiest way to achieve this. Im familiar with NET. Framework development in C# and i've also written some apps in python for s60.

    What i want to do:
    - check if specific app is in foreground or running
    - monitor touch gestures (press, swipe left, right, down...)
    - start action based on upper results

    What would be the easiest programm language to do this? What programm to use? QT Creator, Carbide C++? i'm kind of confused with all this QT, QML, C++ thing...

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    Re: What suits me best? QML, QT, OT Quick, C++???

    App foreground background: Easiest to do with Symbian or Qt.

    Swipe can be an issue with certain Qt version and in Symbian could require advanced steps to implement.

    Best would be to start with the Qt SDK .

    QML is the preferred UI choice for Qt apps , many project has both XNA and QML version to make it easier to port an application, Carbide usage mainly is depends on the taste these days when some API or old project sources not available via Qt SDK, but Syimbian OS only.

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    Re: What suits me best? QML, QT, OT Quick, C++???

    Thanks for your help!

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