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    Create a homescreen widget for Anna / Belle


    I put together a couple of Qt applications but now would like to create a homescreen widget -- I'm targeting Anna & Belle OS. I've surfed a lot on this topic but found just a couple of hints but no concrete example or explanation how to do it.

    My question is - is it possible to create such widget (e.g. FM player, BT on/off) with Qt Creator or does it have to be done with other tools? Could you please briefly advise which tools to use and how to get started?

    Many thanks.

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    Re: Create a homescreen widget for Anna / Belle


    It should be possible with QTCreator. There is no direct way to do it in QT or there is not QT API for it.

    You will have to use symbian classes in your QT application. There are wiki articles on how to use symbian classes in QT.

    Please check the HSP api for widget implementation

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