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    source codes of nokia-maps i.e. Kartat (N900)?

    Are source codes of nokia-maps, Kartat in N900, application

    I would like to make changes so that it looks and works better
    for my use. I have coded start of my own map software in Linux,
    but perhaps I could continue with nokia-maps app.

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    Re: source codes of nokia-maps i.e. Kartat (N900)?

    Nokia has not made its maps application source code available for any platform, as far as I know.

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    Re: source codes of nokia-maps i.e. Kartat (N900)?

    Hi there,

    Please could you kindly contact me via email and explain maybe a more detailed what is it exactly that you would like to implement, that the source code of the Nokia Maps would enable you with? Because, as petrib has already mentioned, the code for solutions as the Maps on Nokia devices is strictly proprietary, we could perhaps look for any other alternative that our open API's perhaps could help you to do what you need.

    My email is in my signature.

    Best Regards,
    [FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="Blue"][/COLOR][I]Marko Lumivuori
    Technical Support
    +358 40 8019330

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