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    Image widget in Qt programing!

    Hello Developers,

    This is my first post in Nokia Developer! I'm new to Qt programing and here is my going-to-make project but I don't know where to start with. I'm apologize if there are any threads like this one before.

    Here is the thing, I want to make an image widget named "Liverpool logo". This is a widget that contain a picture of Liverpool logo, no border, size in 2x2. When you add this widget to the home-screen this will show just Liverpool logo. This logo is compiled in the .sis file already.

    Please share your opinions and if there is any example project out there please let me know so I can learn from that!

    Thank for reading and sorry for my English!

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    Re: Image widget in Qt programing!

    I think you might get some advices if you a) explain the environment of your application (apparently some Symbian version, but which one? There may be differences.) and b) post your question to the Symbian Qt forum, which Symbian experts are most likely to monitor.

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