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    How to find out address form the map or convert lat/lng to an address

    Anyone know a way to get the address from the map object? or by the lat/lng values ?

    ie. User pan map from San Francisco, CA to Cuppertino , CA

    Is there a way after the draggend event, I can access the property to or use searchManager to reverse the lat/lng to an address?


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    Re: How to find out address form the map or convert lat/lng to an address

    You can't get an address directly from the map, but you can get a GeoCoordinate using map.pixelToGeo() and then do a reverseGeoCode() lookup. First create your event handler as shown:

    var processResults = function (data, requestStatus, requestId) { 
          if (requestStatus == "OK") {
          			console.log (data.location.address);
                    } else if(requestStatus == "ERROR") {
                            alert("SEARCH FAILED"); 
    Then within the event you have generated pick up the geoCoordinate you are interested in:
    var  clicked_location = map.pixelToGeo(event.displayX, event.displayY);
    					latitude: clicked_location.latitude,
    					longitude: clicked_location.longitude,
    					onComplete: processResults

    You may also want to look at using the ContextMenu, which typically displays an address.


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