So I've been playing and got a nice little app going on Symbian. But one thing is baffling me.
I have a Page that contains a Flickable element and in that element I have an Image and I allow left to right flicking only flickableDirection : Flickable.HorizontalFlick
I use onFlickEnded: to set a text field to image1.x but it only ever returns the initial x location of the image, but I expect it to be the new x location of the image which is somewhere off of the screen after a flick is ended!

Here is the code:
Page {
    id: mainPage
    Flickable {
        id: flickable1
        x: 0
        contentWidth: image1.width;   //It's a wide image, much wider than the screen
        onFlickEnded:   debugging.text = image1.x
        Image {
            id: image1
            fillMode: Image.PreserveAspectFit
            source: "Slide.jpg"
            sourceSize.width: 2000
            x: 10
Whenever the image is flicked onFlickEnded sets debugging.text to 10 (the initial x value for the image). How do I work out which portion of the image is on the screen? What value should I be looking for?