I'm new to Qt and have been reading the tutorials and documentation about Qt, Qt Quick and Qt Quick Components.

The documentation is very clear and I am ready to translate my UI sketches to code now.

However, I'm struggling in implementing one key feature of my future application.

I need :

1. To read a xml formatted file (I have the .xsd hence I know the structure) to populate a sqlite database

2. Expose it, probably through QAbstractItemModel, via ListView.

What is unclear is :
1. The most elegant way to parse a given file and populate a sqlite database to have it stored on the device (initialisation or update of the database by adding/updating new items to the database)
2. Once I have a sqlite database set up and filled, how to link it to a QAbstractItemModel class and, ultimately, have it exposed in a ListView

I have found fragemented pieces of information, but am unable to pur them all together to achieve my goal, which nevertheless sounds quite basic or generic to my ears.

Could someone help me, for instance by providing a code example, or pointing me some documented projects to show me how to do this?

I thank you in advance