The PureView Imaging Competition 2012Q2 is nearly half way through and we've had some cracking entries!

Given the quality of entries, I'm sure that some of you will have some useful feedback about our camera and imaging APIs - what works, what's missing, what is "harder than it needs to be". If anything they'd like to share, please post it here, or email me. If you didn't compete but feel you have something useful to add, I'd love to hear that too!

This is not a waste of time! The feedback provided from competitions is sent into Nokia R&D and informs the next generation of our design. For example, we've already fed back comments about the lack of access to camera setting information in the QML Camera Element - a problem that is being addressed in Qt 5.0


In addition, this competition is being run quite differently than previously:
* We're spreading out prize awarding into segments
* Prizes include trip as well as (awesome) phones
* The entries we'll accept are very "broad"
* I'm subediting articles when I can to help improve them across the judging period.
* Judging is using a wider pool of champion and moderator members

I'd appreciate your feedback on what you like and dislike about this approach.
* Are the prizes cool enough? What would tempt you to compete?
* What aspect of the competition did you like least
* Is there a competition topic you'd like to see?
* What sort of competitions do you like - app contests or wiki contributions

Thanks very much!