I am trying to implement a list which will be populated with the items of varied sizes. The list item can include text, images or any other standard control like button, label, progressbar etc.

Things that I have tried:
1. QListView with customized delegate: I can draw the shape, text and images where ever I want, but, can't draw the standard controls like progress bar etc.
2. QListWidget populated with the custom widget usind setItemWidget(): I could add the custom widget but couldn't align it in the required position, left, right, center.
3. HTML file + QTextBrowser/QTextEdit with QListWidget: Used the alignment etc in the css file but the widgets doesn't apply the css to the html being displayed.

I'm stuck here!! Is there a way to draw the custom widget in the required x() position in my List view?

No reply to my earlier post either!