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    Creating IAPClient hangs phone


    I try to implement IAP in our Qt application and when IAPClient object creation called, phone totally hangs. Could you give some ideas, why it happens and how I can fix this problem?

    Qt IAP API version is 3.23.007, phone I using is Nokia 500 with Symbian Anna OS.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Creating IAPClient hangs phone


    does it hang forever or just a couple of seconds? Also do you have a working internet connection or is it deactivated? From my experience it usually just hangs for about 5-6 seconds (still way to long) and then it continues. I once had it hanging forever after disabling Wifi but I couldn't reproduce it.

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    Re: Creating IAPClient hangs phone

    Thank you for your reply. Phone hangs forever, I need to remove battery to start it again. If I only setup application to phone (not running it from Qt Creator), program works normally.
    This method is rather uncomfortable for debugging, but I can't find another way to test my application with IAP.

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    Re: Creating IAPClient hangs phone


    Please try to run in QCreator without debugging you still should be able to see debug output in QCreator console. There is only logging available due to lot of components comprising IAP client are involved in work --- IAP client is deeply integrated with user device personalization software.

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