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    Angry status:209 Error downloading


    I have a problem with Nokia restful map API , when I try ti explore places nearby I receive an error in SIGNAL(finished(QNetworkReply*) which is :

    "Error downloading http://demo.places.nlp.nokia.com/pla...in&pretty=true - server replied: Not Acceptable"

    I tried the same code with another link it works ok , so please help me in this issue

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    Re: status:209 Error downloading


    We would return Not Acceptable when the Accept contains only content types that we don’t serve.

    We return json content if requested with Accept:application/json, we return html, if requested with Accept:text/html, and we return 406 Not Acceptable when requested with Accept:application/xml, since we don’t support XML.

    Daniel Moor
    Nokia Places API

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    Re: status:209 Error downloading

    thank you for your quick reply and helping me in solving the issue, I mange to solve the issue by adding request.setRawHeader("Accept","application/json"); to the code

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