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    Unhappy Cannot buy any paid app in China Mainland !!!

    As a Chinese developer I have to say we are about to die because the operator billing points (e.g. CMCC) in China, which covers 99% of the end user payments, are not working again !!!

    It was first broken from the end of Feburary to the end of April, which was around two months. we gave it understanding and patience since we knew that Nokia might not have the initiative in hands and Nokia would sure try their best to solve this problem with CMCC. It was finally resolved and we were extremely happy as the depressing period had all gone.

    Well, just as the online report, we can never rest assured about the Nokia Store. The operator billing point was not working again from May 17th and of course our sales has dropped to ZERO! It is a great suffer for a paid application to drop its sale from an average of 600 download per day to ZERO! Every developer should know how much we had lost...

    Another thing, apps publish in China Mainland are not permitted to have ADs, so we don't know how the FREE apps make money except those paid by Nokia itself !
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