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    Does any one know how to send Easy Recharge using nokia gsm modem?

    In nokia set. Some special sim cards called LAPU or DEMO, if inserted a new mwnu item displayed -> it is "Easy Recharge" . By using this menu item anyone can send mobile recharge(Money) to others phone. The whole process is processed by SMS.

    Step 1: I have to give The subscriber no to send recharge.
    Step 2: Then i have to enter the amount to send.
    Step 3: Now i have to put the secure 4 digit code
    Step 4: Lastly i confirmed it ..

    And a recharge sms send to the subscriber and her account is credited....

    Now my question is How can i access the Easy recharge menu using PC(Personal Computer) so that i can send recharge using my PC...

    Please help me.. At least give me some idea........

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    Re: Does any one know how to send Easy Recharge using nokia gsm modem?

    That menu is a SIM application (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SIM_Application_Toolkit), running on the SIM card, and those messages are probably USSD commands (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unstruc...y_Service_Data), not SMS-s. The menu is not accessible from a PC, however you may succeed in sending USSD messages using AT commands. The format is operator-specific, so it has to be learnt from the given operators. Alternatively you can also check if the operators offer this service via real SMS-s, but that is operator-specific too.

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