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    Iframe Support in the Ovi browser

    Hi experts,


    we already have a mobile version of our company website. To start with S40 web app, we are planning to do minimal work by rendering the contents of this website from within S40 app context. meaning, we will be having a plain page with some hard-coded links pointing to our mobile website, but the contents will be loaded inside an iframe present in index.html page of the web app.

    My questions :

    --> is this the right approach in S40 web app world
    --> Is iframe fully supported in Ovi browser
    --> through javascript i made all the anchor tags present in the html of the iframe to open links in the iframe so that only the iframe is reloaded but it seems this does not work in current version of Ovi browser
    --> one thing i noticed that setting the "target" attribute to iframe does not work, it breaks the app context and opens the link in the browser..

    Please help.
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    Re: Iframe Support in the Ovi browser

    Hi vsquikr and welcome to forum,

    I'm sorry to say, but iframes are not supported in Series 40 Web Apps.

    Basically only easy way would be to create a "splash screen" web app that has button on it. In the button you would have <div onclick="mwl.loadURL('http://m.yourcompany.com')">


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